Tattoo Artist

Aaron Furman

I’m Aaron, born and raised in South Florida. After five years in the Coast Guard and a pandemic I realized life’s too short to not follow your passion which for me has always been art. I got tattooed by Mark and two weeks later saw his Instagram post for an apprentice. I reached out and was denied. I knew this what I was meant to do so I was persistent. Mark gave me a chance after seeing me do some paintings. I started in February 2021 and am learning how to draw and paint traditional style tattoos. American Traditional tattoos are bold and beautiful and have a fascinating history. Some might look rudimentary but in my opinion are sophisticated designs perfected over decades by tattoo legends. Another legendary style is Marks own Tropistyle which I can’t wait to learn and contribute to. My ultimate goal is to create art for others that they love as much as I love creating it!

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